Wedding Caricatures


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Have a caricaturist at your wedding! 

Caricatures are a unique, hand made, personalized gift for your guests and someone to entertain them during the reception. Are you sick of seeing photo booths at every event you go to? So are your guests! Here are a few things that an artist can bring to your special day:

Pre-drawn caricatures of the bride and groom.

Prior to the wedding, you can commission original artwork for your event. Use this as a wedding invitation, frame it with a border for your guests to sign, post it up at the gift table at your event, or even send it out as thank you notes. 

Create a custom border, unique to the style of your event.

Each drawing can be printed out with your one of a kind border design. Include your names, the date, and some colors or images that best go with your style. The border will also tell your guests where to download the drawing.

Tips to make the evening go smoothly:

  • Let your guests know an artist is coming. This way, there will be a line waiting for the artist when he sets up, and he can maximize output at the event.
  • Get your sketch done early! This let’s everyone know what to expect. You can commission the drawing ahead of time, sit earlier in the event, or have yours done from photos afterwards if you don’t have time.
  • Set the artist up in the right location. This means away from the DJ or loud speaker, and in a well lit room. Are you planning on dimming the lights for dancing? If your artist can’t see or hear your guests well, it will make for a less productive and somewhat aggravating experience for everyone as the artist tries to communicate with your guests requests.
  • Most venues are happy to accommodate the needs of your entertainment. If you are contacting them yourself, or you have a wedding planner, put the artist you hire in touch with the venue so that there is one less thing for you to worry about.
  • Book early! Weddings are often planned months in advance, contact me early!

Hire a caricaturist for the full duration of your event, and two if it suits your budget and you are having a larger event. Your guests will love the unique quality of our drawings. 


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