A special shout out to Sarah M. At Yelp for including me in last week’s Yelp’s Holiday Hoopla event where over 400 Yelpers raised nearly $3K for charity while they were entertained by 50 vendors – including me. Check out Yelp for all the great mentions and 5 stars reviews of yours truly.

I was offering 10% off caricature bookings for those who sign up for my email list. I’m feeling in the holiday spirit – I’ll extend it to you! Offer ends 12/31/17.



Happy 9-11-2017!

It’s back! 9/11 is here again. It’s “happy” because I’m still here sixteen years later.  I recently spoke to the guys at the Grimerica podcast about my adventure on 9/11/01. You can listen by clicking here or by finding Grimerica episode 240 on your favorite pod catcher.  If you want to just here me, you can start listening at the 21:00 minutes into the show. The interview is about 40 minutes.

If you have any questions about 9/11 and my experience that day feel free to contact me at